Here’s How Bail Amounts Are Determined in Georgia

How the amount of bail is figured

When defendants go to court, the judge may set a bail amount. A lot of people wonder how bail amounts are determined, and the truth is there are a number of factors. If you want to know what some of these factors are, then continue to read on.

How Bail is Determined

  1. Nature of the crime.
  2. Evidence.
  3. Defendant’s criminal history.
  4. Defendant’s criminal status.
  5. Defendant’s source of income.

1. Nature Of The Crime

The bail amount might be high if the nature of the crime was extremely violent or dangerous. Judges sometimes follow guidelines when they determine the amount of bail for specific types of crimes. As a general rule of thumb, the more dangerous and worse the crime is, the more likely the bail amount will be high. This is where an Atlanta bail bondsman comes extremely handy.

2. Evidence

If the judge determines that the defendant will likely be convicted of the crime they are accused of doing and there is sufficient evidence, then the bail might be set high. This is to discourage the defendant from fleeing. In some cases, the judge will try to create a situation in which the person accused of the crime will do what they have to do in accordance to the law.

3. Defendant’s History

The defendant’s history in their community will be looked at and this includes their mental state, employment history, family ties and their finances. Generally speaking, if a defendant has strong links to their community, the chances are they will stay in the area while they are waiting to go to court. If a person has little to no ties, then the bail amount might be set at a high amount.

4. Criminal History And Criminal Status

The criminal history of the defendant will be taken into consideration. If the defendant has a criminal history that involves particular violent crimes, then the bail will likely be high. This is to protect the community because if the defendant seems to have a history of committing violent crimes, then this means there is a good chance they will continue to commit violent crimes if they were to be released.

Besides that, their current criminal status will be considered and this is one of the major factors. If the defendant is already charged with another crime and awaiting a court date, then they may receive a high bail amount. The same goes if they are already out on parole or if they are on probation.

5. The Defendant’s Source Of Finances

If the defendant’s income seems to have derived from illegal activity, then this will be factored in when the bail amount is being determined. In some cases, the amount of money the defendant is thought to have made illegally will be the bail amount. This means if you’re charged with a crime that appears to have made you a lot of money, then your bail could be set at a very high amount.

Now that you have a better idea of how bail amounts are determined and what kind of things are taken into consideration, it will help you better understand how bail bonds work. If you find yourself in court and a bail amount has been set, then make sure you contact a reputable bails bondsman. They will be able to help you out, but do research on various ones.