About the Atlanta Bail Bonds Company

about-our-atlanta-bail-bondsWe started our Atlanta bail bonds company about 15 years ago. Our bondsman was working from home for several years where he helped hundreds of Atlanta residents get their friends and family members released from jail. Over those 15 years, he developed a knack for communicating, in layman’s terms, the bonding process so that everyday people can fully understand what it takes to get an inmate released.

As of now, we have 20 staff membersĀ  on-all and have expanded our operations into Cobb County as well. During our expansion, we were able to hire on a couple more bondsmen so that our original expert didn’t get too overwhelmed with all of the bonds that needed to be written. You have to understand that we hand-deliver these bonds to the jail directly. Therefore, we need able bodies to not just write the bonds, but to vet the co-signers and deliver the appropriate documents for pretrial release.

When an inmate is incarcerated for longer than a few days or months, we may have an issue in which the right to a speedy trial is in question. For more complicated matters like this, we are seasoned in their resolution. Feel free to call us for anything you need in the way of bail bonds.